Tax Record Testimonials

Client Testimonial

I am a sole trader who used to use erecord. As it is no longer being supported by the tax office I needed to find an alternative. I was introduced to Tax Record and find it very user friendly and convenient. I love that my Accountant can

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Accountant Testimonial

I had a Plumbing client today who was struggling with preparing her BAS from spreadsheets.  I sat down and showed her how to use ‘Tax Record’ in about ten minutes.  When she saw the GST Report and how easy it was for her to complete the BAS

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Chartered Accountant Testimonial

As a tax agent I have started using these products with different clients and the feedback has been positive. Clients who used erecord previously have commented that the ABN Cashbook is even easier to use. I am currently getting all clients who still use erecord to change

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